The Field Training Lifestyle is rooted in the shared vision of its founders, Danielle Kleber and Diego Core and The Joshi Clinic. The Joshi Clinic was founded by Nish Joshi in 2002. A graduate from the British School of Osteopathy, with a foundation in conventional medicine; he continued his education in Holistic Healthcare, Nutrition, Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicine, Metabolic Detox and Acupuncture. As a result he is able to treat many of today’s medical conditions without the side- effects of modern medicine. These tree Health professionals share the same vision when the subject is ultimate health & lifestyle so uniting their knowledge and forces was a natural consequence and The Field was created!

We are delighted to work in association with The Joshi Clinic, offering a wide range of personal services on your journey to ultimate health.
We work with a team of highly skilled practitioners who work not only with postural correction, rehabilitation following injuries; but also close guidance with osteopathic treatment. Our exercise specialists help to encourage weight loss through their tailored programs and overall body contouring. In conjunction with our nutritional guidance will not only supercharge your energy levels but also work towards fast tracking you to a healthier metabolism for life. .

The pair first met at university in Brazil where they were studying sport science and physical education. Diego’s thesis, on training methods for the over 60s, showed a mature interest in health and longevity beyond the mere narcissism of gym culture. Danielle’s passion for yoga, dance, martial arts and surfing was channelled into her research into the relationship between body and behaviour. It was here that Diego developed his sense of academic rigour. “You won’t go far without the ability to think critically,” he says.

These two strands – the serious study of health as the basis for a celebratory attitude to the embodied life – have come to fruition at The Field Lifestyle Training Centre.

After completing their studies, the couple moved to London. Diego took a job in a gym where he discovered functional training, in particular the work of Paul Chek. Chek also opened Diego’s eyes to nutrition based on whole foods and metabolic type. Diego subsequently explored paleo nutrition, followed by an in-depth study of Charles Poliquin’s Biosignature system. He is now experimenting with intermittent fasting and detox regimes.
Meanwhile, Danielle immersed herself in the study of Pilates, travelling to Joseph Pilates’ studio in New York to study with the best in the world.

Both Danielle and Diego have used their expertise to heal themselves. Danielle used pilates to address postural issues caused by flat feet, while Diego rehabbed his shoulder after surgery. This experience proved invaluable: for three years, Diego worked exclusively with people in pain. It is a
fundamental principle that he first tries all treatments, exercise and nutrition protocols on himself.

Diego’s quest to heal his shoulder led him to the clubbell and Scott Sonnon’s revolutionary Circular Strength Training system. After learning deep postural control through pilates, Danielle has also embraced the rigours of strength training in all planes of movement, and is now a clubbell-wielding
CST instructor herself. She is also training to be a vinyasa yoga flow teacher.

Danielle and Diego’s work covers the full spectrum of physical training and health. They enjoy nothing more than taking someone with a serious dysfunction and returning them to optimum performance, transforming their body in the process. As Diego says, “I always tell someone that they may have a bad back when they start, but soon they will be able to climb Mount Everest.”

Their knowledge and enthusiasm has enabled Danielle, Diego and Nish Joshi to build a large clientele at The Field, from bankers, politicians and royalty to artists and models. Their clients in turn are inspiring others with more than just physical transformation, but a complete philosophy of living.

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