Corrective exercise lays the foundation on which to build a healthy body. Correcting muscle imbalances and dysfunction prior to performance training is essential if you are to get strong and move well. Many injuries such as back, neck, shoulder and knee pain worsen over time due lack of mobility, muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns.

If the body can’t function properly, its postural alignment changes, movement patterns acquire compensations and ultimately, exposure to dysfunction leads to injury.

Most of the clients we come across at The Field have some sort of postural misalignment, brought on by their individual lifestyles and eating habits. They don’t realize how much their existing faulty movement patterns predispose them to muscle tension, joint pain and other forms of injury.

We therefore carry out a very thorough musculoskeletal assessment which we then use to design an individualized exercise programme. This programme will not only improve your health, it will also correct and rehabilitate muscle imbalances and injuries, and bring the body back to functional balance. In this way, we create a strong platform on which to train you all the way to optimal performance.

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