An Athletic Body

Develop your body according to its inherent design: to move, thrive and evolve.

The physical transformation of your body depends on its ability to master complex movement. The greater the body’s mastery of movement, the greater the body develops its capacity to generate control, flow and strength. In our modern, technology-driven world we have been duped into believing that the only way to change our bodies is by using boring machines that dictate and restrict our bodies’ natural movements. Do we need them? No, we certainly don’t! In fact, your body is the best tool you can use. It evolved to move functionally and optimally during your daily activities. The Greeks and Romans knew this centuries ago: look at the balanced and athletic physiques of these classical warriors. No hi-tech machines for them!

At The Field, we train our clients using primal principles and tools. Gym rings might be one of the most demanding tools for bodyweight training out there. Heavy clubs (clubbells) are the most ancient, yet most cutting-edge tool for strength in all planes of movement, grip development and the further evolution of the human athlete. Kettlebells require ballistic and explosive movements, enhancing the body’s ability to recruit the posterior chain and surpass life’s obstacles. And let’s not forget that dumbbells andbarbells are not only a great introduction to weight training, but also provide massive body development.

We incorporate all these tools as part of a periodised programme that progresses through different phases. Initially, mobility and corrective exercises will give you freedom of movement and efficiency. Metabolic conditioning builds your anaerobic endurance. Hypertrophy and strength training increase size development. Finally, power training enhances your explosiveness and leads to a lean, strong , healthy and athletic body. Develop your body according to its inherent design: to move, thrive and evolve.

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