Aliki Mallucci

“I thought it was about time to share with the rest of the world my life changing experience which commenced 3 years ago at the Field Training Lifestyle Centre. From the moment I entered Diego Core’s and Danielle Kleber’s studio I knew instantly that it was a very special place. In my 40s I feel healthier in body and mind than I ever did before. This is the result of my exceptionally inspiring and professional movement coach Diego Core. His unsurpassed expertise and in-depth knowledge have given me a different approach to life.His ability to recognise your individual needs is remarkable and my exercise programme has always been so novel and diverse. He cares abut your overall well being and I can assure you that in no time he made me stronger, healthier and incredibly fit. Based on my experience I highly recommend Diego’s teaching for a better longer life. Thank you so much. I am truly grateful.”

Aliki MallucciClient