Start your health journey today. We start our clients on a journey of discovery. We feel that if we look at your whole being then the cause of the present condition or ailment will become clearer.

Lasting lifestyle changes can be made when the physical, psychological and emotional factors are combined with individualised nutritional diagnosis, a rigorous assessment process and a thoroughly planned, integrated training programme.

Our personal trainers guide you to achieve your goals. Helping to encourage ultimate health, endurance, strength and power, flexibility and weight loss through their tailored programmes. We work with a team of highly skilled practitioners who work not only with postural correction and injuriy rehabilitation, but also under the close guidance of osteopathic treatment and massage therapies. In conjunction with the nutritional guidance
 given at The Field, this holistic approach will not only supercharge your energy levels but also work towards a healthier metabolism for life.

At The Field we have built a world-wide reputation for offering exceptional care and expertise, in a relaxed, welcoming and discreet environment. We are proud to be the eminent choice of many of the world’s top professionals in the artistic / creative, sporting and business arenas.

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