I have been devoted to Pilates for over 15 years and can say without a shadow of a doubt that Danielle is the best teacher I have ever had. She is not only technical and finds a way to motivate you spiritually and emotionally no matter what your mood is when you walk in. She is unique in that she puts every ounce of her energy into the time you spend with her and even in preparation for your session. The Field is an equally special place – from the moment you walk in there you get a calm energy and the feeling that it is your special place. Diego’s level of knowledge about the body, fitness and nutrition ensure that any question you have will be met with the right answer for you.


“Two years ago, I came to Diego to improve my body fitness and some health issues. I had some negative views on the way that my body looked. It had become out of shape after having my three children, and an unhealthy diet. In fact I had not exercised at all as an adult.

Diego was reassuring and encouraged me to move forward with exercising and becoming fitter. He explained that things would definitely improve, set me a program and oversaw me twice a week, sometimes more. He gave me advice on diet and general well-being. He gave me direction. The sessions are fun but can be quite challenging so a positive approach is good. I totally look forward to each session and I am thrilled with the incredible results, with a complete change in body and mind. Diego tells me that this will continue to get better.

He is an expert at his work, and he works easily as he is dedicated and loves what he does. He is genuinely interested and always happy to share his diverse knowledge with others. He has great style and energy and makes the most difficult exercise look easy. I am happier with my body now and I continue to enjoy my training. Working with Diego has created amazing changes in my life.

I am so glad to have found such an exceptional trainer, who works well for me, who gently pushes me forward to enjoy the many wonderful things that life can offer. Thank you, Diego.”


“After suffering with a prolapsed disk in my lower back for more than 10 years, Diego Core at The Field was the first specialist I have seen that treated me as an individual, assessing which muscle groups were working properly (and more importantly which one were not) before making a diagnosis and measurable recovery action plan.

By educating me throughout the process he has equipped me with the knowledge to look after myself much better going forward as well as taking away my pain and stiffness. I feel much stronger now and it’s great to be able to both see and feel my progress over just a few short months.”


“I’ve been practicing classical Pilates with Danielle Kleber for a year and I’m thrilled with the results! I’ve become stronger, lighter and leaner. Danielle’s commitment and focus to my fitness goals and taking into consideration lower back and shoulder pain was unwavering.

Each week she guides me through challenging exercises, is encouraging and keeps a watchful eye on form and flow. My flexibility has increased tremendously and I now feel strong muscles supporting my frame.

Danielle is passionate and vibrant and offers studio space that is safe and filled with light and fantastic energy. I want to go the studio – nothing gets in the way! She has inspired me to become fully aware of my physical health and has boosted my confidence. Thanks to Danielle – Pilates has changed my life – it has become part of who I am!”


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