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Rediscover your health in a relaxed, welcoming and discreet environment.

Primarily, The Field is a place where you can relax and feel at home, but is also a 3000sq meter space devoted to the optimisation of your lifestyle, heath and performance.

Apart from reception and changing rooms, there are three main areas: the gym, a pilates room and a massage treatment room.

With its Moorish tiles and arches, the gym itself may also be one of the most attractive and unusual in London. But at 1000sq meters, this may also be one of the most complete functional fitness spaces in London, with the equipment and room for whatever activity your trainer has designed for you.

Padded flooring is perfect for everything from the gentlest yoga and mobility session to the most demanding form of metabolic conditioning. A full-size Crossfit frame has been installed for functional and gymnastic bodyweight training: from pull-ups to gym ring training. There is also a squat cage, and top quality competition kettlebells and dumbbells, as well as medicine balls and plyo-boxes.

A unique feature are two complete set of clubbells, from 5lbs all the way up to the 45lb ‘bruiser’.

The Pilates studio is equally well-equipped with Gratz Apparatus. No other apparatus so faithfully preserves the precise form and function of Joseph Pilates original signs. Clients are offered a personal training within a private and exclusive fully equipped studio.

Changing rooms are warm, bright and comfortable with lockers and shower facilities.

A place to be, train and relax!

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