“CST is the first western science of flow in training.”

— Scott Sonnon



Circular Strength Training is a system that prepares the participant for the broad range of demands imposed by life and sport. However, at the same time CST addresses the very personal needs of the individual and their current state of being. The result is the ability to tap into your Flow!

CST uses a total “vocabulary” of joint mobility drills to ship nutrition, lubrication and shock absorption to the active joints for optimal efficiency, rapid recovery, and pain and injury prevention. Unlike pathologically-based mobilization methods which are based upon a “trauma lens” of movement, CST is based upon developmental neurophysiology for the organization of joint mobility drill sequencing called Intu-Flow® (”intuitive flow”).

CST uses the “toolbox” of body-weight movements (from yoga to martial arts) in order to “clean the slate” of the over-specializations (compensations) which result from life, injury, attitude and each and every successful exercise/skill performed in a prior cycle. Named Prasara Flow Yoga, this Compensatory MovementTM Technique unloads the functional opposite of any repeated movement in order to preserve benefits and prevent drawbacks.

CST involves more than mere compression to stimulate adaptation in progressive resistance. Clubbell® swinging – the oldest training tool and the first martial art in ancient Russia, Persia and India – combines traction to strengthen not just muscle but also connective tissue protecting the joints while building strength. In addition, since the Clubbell is swung, torque allows force production to increase exponentially rather than arithmetically; instead of adding plates (conventional resistance training), the displaced center of mass swung twice as fast produces four times the force.


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